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Here are what a few of our customers have to say about the products and services offered by Steinke & Caruso Dental Care and Sorrento Dental Associates.

This was my 1st visit to them. A wonderful experience.Had a chipped tooth and small cavity. Carey and Dr Caruso took their time and explained it all in depth to me what was going to happen and couldnt do enough to make sure I was comfortable and alright. And the pillow in my mouth was a huge relief for my mouth and teeth. I have no more qualms about going to the dentist for any dental work because I know I will be in the BEST hands!

Candise L

As I stated while I was there I have not been to a dentist in 35/40 years as I had bad experiences when I was young. From the receptionist to the assistance to the Dr. it was excellent even the needle I hate was painless I cannot thank you folks enough.

Harry T

I came in for a checkup and xrays for LHI and I felt more comfortable at this dentist office then I've ever felt at one. Great service and very friendly.

Tyler F

I really appreciate the care provided by Meagan and Dr. Steinke. It has been difficult for me to go to the dentist due to fear. I was able to express my concerns, they listened and I had a relatively pleasant experience. Your front desk receptionist is a sweetheart but Scott is all business.

Dawn W

This was an excellent dentist. She took time to make sure my son was comfortable and to calm his fears. He is autistic so I really appreciated the calm manner of all the staff and particularly the dentist and the assistant. They really helped him to be at ease and get through the extraction. Highly recommend them.

Johndavid T

My first visit was a very pleasant surprise. The staff was excellent and personable. The doctor was also personable, professional and well versed in his expertise. The dental work was done in a quick and efficient manner and this was the first time I have actually enjoyed a trip to the dentist.

Randall M

They got me right in, took care of my tooth. The dentist was so good I didn't even feel the shots. I am very pleased. We most definently refer people to them.

Sylvia R

Excellent service! My power chain broke the night before my cleaning appointment and your staff was more than happy to replace it for me with permission from Dr. Ruff's office - that saved us a trip to Waterville, Debbie was awesome!

Jeremy B

The dental team is fantastic! I am always greeted cheerfully by Brenda upon entering. Dental hygienist Ann is efficient and gentle on my teeth. Dr. Caruso always does a great job on my bigger jobs like crowns, root canals, and filling replacement. I highly recommend this office!

Amanda C

Dr Steinke and Dr.Caruso have provided me with expert care. The hygienists go out of their way to make my teeth and gums as healthy as possible. When you walk in the door it's obvious that the goal is to make your teeth and gums healthy which helps to make the entire body healthier. They care about their patients.

Jerry H

I was only scheduled for a cleaning but just days before the appointment I cracked a tooth and they managed to find the time during my appointment to help repair my tooth. This was such a help so I didn't have to come back for another visit and miss work. Though I do still have to go back for the tooth to be fully repaired (crown) I was thankful for the time they made for me during my initial visit.

Tricia D

Debbie continues to perform her duties with the highest of professional standards. Although I arrived at the office with dreadfully stained front teeth, I left with a clean and zesty smile. She has great techniques that have been honed over the years to a high degree. She has counselled and motivated me to do my best in home care. I hate to think what my dental health would be were it not for Debbie. Thanks to the whole staff for making my dental visits so pleasant.

Peter H

Best experience I have ever had at the dentist.Very quick service since I showed up twenty mintues early and was taken right in.Also was never left alone and talked to so I could understand everything.I felt no pain at all having my tooth pulled.I didn't even feel the needles for the novacaine.I am very pleased.

Vickie D

Service was done quickly; taken right in on arrival. Everyone, as always, was polite and cheerful. Everything was explained in detail as to what the issue was and the procedure that was being done. Anesthesia administered painlessly and the whole procedure completed expeditiously. Thank you yet again.

I also want to express how much I appreciate your office and the efforts that was put in over Christmas vacation to complete my son, Jon's cap on his tooth. Extra effort by your office allowed me to send him off with assurance and peace. Your office has never failed me in taking care of my children's or my own teeth. Thank you so much for everything.

Beth S

My experiences at this office have been VERY positive. Staff is very caring and compassionate. Both Dr Steinke and Dr Caruso are wonderful and I am always very happy with the results that we get.Thank you.

Tony H

I always have had professional, friendly care during my visits, and this appointment was no exception. The office staff is efficient, and the medical hygienists, technicians, and Doctors always take the time to ask questions and listen to any concerns I might have about my oral health.

Cecilia H

I was VERY happy and impressed, as usual, as to how quickly I was able to be seen for my problem. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH for the excellent care you always give! :-)

Darcy M

Dr. Caruso is a great dentists. She explains things prior to and as she is doing them. She is very succinct in her performance; competent, quick, and precise.

Lorna Y

Took me right in, lot of digging and prying but out came the afflicted roots and presto just like the alka seltzer add: oh what a relief it is!

Jeffrey C

Excellent service as always. Very friendly staff, willing and able to answer all questions and to accommodate my work schedule for my next appointment.

William B